About us

Catalina Vidal

Born in Bogotá, Colombia. Residing in Colombia and México.

About the experience In search of the origins: A couple of years ago in the production company, a request was received to do an investigation that would give even more sense to her profession and to which Catalina feels completely connected. There, she crossed borders, rivers, Colombian mountains to unite hearts and provide not only a technical service, but an honest service of empathy, respect and recognition to the force of Love called Forgiveness.

Is the production coordinator of Colombia Fixers.

Instructor and trainee of Kundalini Yoga and creator in love with gardens in the territory where she lives.

Doris Buckley

Born in Bogotá, Colombia. Residing in Ontario, Canada.

Doris believes in mutual respect and has great admiration for the human being, she is our connection between Canada and her native country Colombia. 

Her views are to assist people to reunite parents and children in a confidential and discreet manner, respecting beliefs, and genders. She also brings along a successful career in different areas of research, as well international experience working and managing confidential information.