In search of origins in Colombia is the channel that connects two people and two stories, that at one point where separated, to finally reach a re-union point accepted by both of them.

This is a process based on communication and transparency, providing guidance and results within a reasonable time, respecting your privacy in every step of the way.

Trying to find a birth mother or father can be a hard and emotionally difficult process if you do not know the country and less the language. All the process will be carried in a professional and discreet manner”.

Born in Bogotá, Colombia. Residing in Colombia and México.


  • Researcher with experience in Adoption Cases in Colombia.
  • Coordinator and audiovisual producer.
  • Master in Marketing and Advertising focused on business and social communication (study done in Spain).
  • Practitioner and instructor of Kundalini Yoga & Alternative Therapies.

“Lover of nature and alternative therapies as an option for a better life”.

Born in Bogota, Colombia. Residing in Ontario, Canada


  • Business Administrator, OMDP Ontario Management Development Program, ILSAT & CILISAT, Simultaneous Interpreting license, English and Spanish or vice versa.
  • 20 years Experience working on different areas of research and handling confidential information.
  • 30 years volunteering looking towards children’s education.

“I believe on mutual respect and have great admiration for the human being, with a view to reunite people in a confidential and discreet manner. respecting beliefs and genders”.